Ken Zarski PT
at Albemarle Therapy Center

1102 Rose Hill Dr.
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Phone: 434-979-8628
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"Amazing things happen when the ceiling is taken off the healing process and hope fills in the spaces”

Ken Zarski, PT

Therapeutic Approach

Ken’s methods link correction of the patient’s mechanical problems (within an osteopathic model) with powerful healing methods from a variety of modalities and sources, all with a one-on-one manual, science-based format. Ken considers rapid pain reduction or relief to be a primary emphasis of treatment, which is when healing can more fully occur. Often times, the correction of current problems for which the patient is attending PT is related to the patient’s chronic complaints. By attending to the deeper essential problems, both chronic and current complaints are addressed and corrected.
Movement patterns are corrected and re-taught where necessary, and exercises for strengthening of the trunk (“core”) or the extremities, for joint motion, or several other reasons are taught and practiced. Through understanding the mind/body link, Ken can better educate his patients to understand how their particular bodies work, how healing can be attained, and how they can best keep the problems from returning.
Ken’s approach addresses people of all ages, all areas of the body, with chronic or acute problems, for correction or health promotion, and is complemented with current research and additional professional training.

Physicians and other referring professionals may also want to know that Ken’s methods draw upon osteopathic training and experience with that training. This includes a variety of manual techniques that complement an equally wide ranging array of modalities for analgesic, strengthening, and mobility purposes.

Patient education is practical and highly specialized to meet each patient’s particular needs and characteristics. Treatment is biomechanically and functionally based, supporting a wellness model.

“I believe that treatment should always be healing, supportive, hopeful, and empowering. Teaching the patients how THEIR body works, what are his/her risk factors for the current injury or problem, and how they can help themselves, is a lifetime power and responsibility that is handed to the patient.”

The base of the approach recognizes and draws upon a mind-body relationship and supports wellness, integrating dietary, psychological, and somatic factors.

Ken Zarski. PT
1102 Rose Hill Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22903 (434)-979-8628

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